OFSTED Action Plan

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  • 14th December 2012

Dear Parents

As you know we received an Ofsted visit in October 2011. Following that visit we published an action plan which outlined what we were going to do to help move the school forward. We implemented that plan in January 2012 and then held a parents meeting in April to discuss with parents the impact the actions had had on the children’s learning –we also discussed any further actions we could implement to impact both on the children’s learning and further improve our communication with parents. These agreed actions were sent to you in May and I have listed them below to remind you of what they were. On the last Wednesday of every half term parents will be invited into school to look at the children’s books. This session will run from 3.00pm – 4.00pm so that parents will be able to look at the books with their children. During this session some pupils will also do aresentation on a topic or activity they have covered in that half term.

  • The KS2 teachers will now walk into the playground at the end of the day with the pupils on a Friday so that they will be more available for parents to have an informal chat. However, if parents need to have an in depth conversation with the teacher we would ask you to make an appointment to see the teacher in the normal way. This will commence after half term.
  • The teachers will run a ‘Home-Learning Club’ once a week to support the children with their reading, multiplication tables, spellings and project work. This club will begin in the autumn term.
  • To enable parents to support their children with their handwriting we will put a template of the handwriting onto the website.
  • The reports will now be sent out in the spring term which will give the children the summer term to be able to achieve their targets on the report. In the summer term there will be a parents meeting to discuss the children’s progress against their targets. If parents need to discuss their child’s work or progress at any other time they will still be able to make an appointment at any time to see the teacher. This will start in the next academic year.


As you are aware most of these have already been implemented. The reports will be sent to parents in March and you will be able to look at your children’s work on Wednesday 19th December after having already seen it this term at Parents Evening.

One of the main targets set by Ofsted was to improve the standards reached in writing and this was achieved this summer – our KS2 results show 97% of our pupils achieved Level 4+ in writing compared 93% in 2011 but more importantly 50% of the pupils achieved Level 5 compared to 17% the previous year. These are good results and show that the standards reached by Little Heath pupils well exceed the national and Herts averages of 81% and 85% at Level 4+ and 28% and 31% at Level 5.

In relation to maths 100% of pupils achieved Level 4+, as we did last year, and we also increased the percentage of pupils that achieved a Level 5 with 63% pupils achieving this above average level. These are very good results and show that the standards reached by Little Heath pupils well exceed the national and Herts averages of 85% and 86% at Level 4+ and 39% and 45% at Level 5.

Although these results are very good we are looking at new approaches to the teaching of writing and other subjects to help further improve on our progress in all areas.

Some of our other targets were a little more subjective because they were about the improvement in the quality of the presentation of the children’s work and an increase in the frequency of written responses given to pupils so they would be better informed on how to improve their work. This cannot be represented as data but a range of actions have been taken forward such as introducing the ‘Penpal’ handwriting programme and introducing the traffic light system for written comments in pupils’ books. The verbal feedback we have received from parents about the impact of these changes is very positive. We will be sending out a questionnaire in the spring term to seek more specific information from parents in this area.

Another target we set ourselves was to review the home learning policy and this was completed in the spring term with help from the parents. The majority of people seem happy with the revised homework policy.

We will give you further updates following the completion of the questionnaire in the new year.

K A Custis

C Sewell
Chair of Governors