Newsletter 27th November 2017

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  • 28th November 2017

School Attendance

Following a recent visit from our attendance officer, she has asked me to remind you all of the importance of your child attending school regularly – they also need to arrive at school on time to ensure they can maximise their opportunities for learning and develop good working habits for later life. Our attendance percentage for last year was 95.5%. Although this is satisfactory it falls just under the government target of 96%.

I know that we are lucky to have conscientious parents who only keep their children away from school if they are unwell but just to ensure that you are aware of your child’s attendance percentage we will now be sending home letters at the end of every term if your child’s attendance falls between 90- 95%. If your child’s attendance falls under 90% and there is no clear reason for why this has happened e.g. they have had an operation or a prolonged illness you will be sent a letter inviting you to a meeting with me to discuss an action plan to help improve this.

No requested absence during term time will be authorised unless the circumstances are considered exceptional. If you do decide to take your child out of school during term time it will be unauthorised and if your child accumulates fifteen unauthorised absences (seven and half days) over a period of two terms then the school will apply for a fixed term penalty to be issued.

I know you will continue to work with us to ensure that your child is given the best opportunity to progress with their learning.

Admissions Policy

We are consulting on our admissions arrangements for 2019/2020. Our consultation period runs from 20th November to 5th January and our proposed policy can be found on our website in the admissions section. Should you wish to comment on any aspect of our arrangements please write to:

Mr T Reusch, Chair of Governors by 5th January or email:

Following the end of the consultation period the Governors will meet to consider any comments received and finalise the arrangements accordingly.

School Dinner Money

As we are nearing the end of term, please would you ensure that your dinner money account is cleared by Friday 15th December?  This is our last day for banking before Christmas.

School Gateway

We hope that you are finding our online payments facility helpful.  Please download the ‘School Gateway App’ on your smartphone.  The app shows the same information as the website and allows you to keep up to date wherever you are.

Alternatively, you can visit the website and click on ‘New User’.  You will receive a text message with a PIN number.  Use this PIN to log in to School Gateway.

The School Gateway is now our preferred payment method, however if you do decide to make payments to school via cash or cheque, we must insist that these be given directly to the office in a named, sealed envelope.  Payments should not be given to the Class Teacher.  Loose money will not be accepted.  

Messages via the School Gateway

Please be advised that although the messaging system allows you to respond by text, we do not subscribe and therefore, these messages are not monitored.


Yours sincerely

The Head Teacher and Governing Body