Newsletter 25th November

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  • 25th November 2016


As you know it will be December next week and as it is such a busy time in school I have listed the events below that are happening in school in December to make sure that you do not miss anything.

December 2nd Christmas Bazaar 2pm-5pm
December 7th Book Fair arrives
December 8th Flu Immunisation Years 1, 2 & 3
December 12th Sharing Assembly (9.00am) (children will be involved by letter if they are involved)
December 13th Foundation and KS1 performance (9.30am)
December 14th Foundation and KS1 performance (1.30pm)
December 14th Open Afternoon 3.00pm – 4.30pm
December 15th Christmas Lunch
December 19th Foundation/KS1 parties (in school hours)
December 19th KS2 Carol Concert (7.00pm start)
December 20th KS2 party (in school hours)
December 21st Pantomime for the whole school.
December 21st End of term 2.00pm

Christmas Bazaar

As you all know our Christmas Bazaar is on Friday 2nd December from 2pm – 5pm. I would like to thank you all for the donations that you sent in for the fayre. The PTA would also be grateful for any donations of baked goods that you could donate to be sold at the bazaar. Donations of baked goods can be brought in from Thursday, 1st December.

Lessons will be continuing as normal for the children but if you are arriving at the bazaar before the end of the school day and you want your child to join you then you can collect them from their classroom. If you cannot get to the bazaar before the end of the school day then the children will be dismissed at the normal time. After school club will be running as normal as well but on this day it will be based in the nursery.

Christmas Pantomime

As has become tradition in Little Heath we have booked a pantomime on the last day of term for the children to watch. We feel it gives the children a good send off before they start their Christmas holiday. The pantomime they will be watching this year is ‘Aladdin’ .As we did last year we are allowing everyone to wear a Christmas jumper on that day (the jumper can be worn either over uniform or casual clothes). There will be a charge of £1 and all donations will be given to the ‘Text Santa’ appeal.

School Post-Box

The school post- box will be available for Christmas card deliveries from Thursday, 1st December. The post box will be situated at the entrance where the children come into school.  The children put their cards into the box in the morning and the Year 6 deliver them to all the classes at lunchtime. Can you please ensure that your children put the name and class of the child they are sending the card to on the envelope as this makes it much easier for the Year 6 to deliver the card to the correct person.

Dressing Up Clothes/Old School Costumes

If you have any dressing up clothes or old school performance costumes at home that are now no longer of any use to you could you please send them into school as we will be able to make use of them for future performances or in our dressing up boxes. We would be most grateful for any donations received.

Children in Need small change collection

Thank you to everyone who was able to donate their small change, we raised £86.34 which will be sent off to Children in Need


As is usual at this time of year we have had a number of bugs and viruses in school which have caused both pupils and staff to be unwell and absent from school. May I just remind you that if you child is sick or has an upset stomach they need to be off school for 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or visit to the toilet. Eg. if your child’s last bout of sickness is on a Monday they should not return to school until the Wednesday.

Yours sincerely

K A Custis
Head teacher