Newsletter 18th September

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  • 18th September 2012


Since we announced that we were going to have to relocate the chickens there has been a huge outcry from parents who are very upset as they think we are being forced to get rid of them. This is not how it is. It is true that 2 parents complained to the authorities about how we were keeping the chickens and those authorities contacted me to discuss the situation and offer guidance on how to move forward so that the chickens were well looked after and the children were safe as well – they did not tell me that we had to get rid of them. As Mr Berridge has been in charge of looking after the chickens I discussed the situation with him and he felt that it would be best all round if we gave the chickens to someone else to look after. However – such has been the response from the parents we are going to try and find a new location for the chickens within the school grounds which is slightly further from the nursery so we can build a ‘farming area’ for them which will mean the chickens are allowed out during the school day and the children will be allowed to handle them – he has already had some parent volunteers who have agreed to help him with this. I would like to reassure all parents that where and how the chickens are being kept now has not in any way endangered the children’s health or harmed the chickens in any way. If we can find a new location for the chickens we will keep them here but if we do think that it is better all round that the chickens are relocated then I am afraid that that is what we will have to do but we will let you know where we send them.

New Reception Teacher

I am pleased to announce that we have appointed a new reception teacher who will be joining us after half term. Her name is Lisa Hulley and she has already spent a few weeks in school with us in the spring term when she was working with Miss Eleftheriou in reception. We are very pleased that she is joining us as a permanent member of staff and I know you will all make her feel welcome when she joins us. She will be coming to the school for a few visits to get to know the children in her class and we will try to organise a short meeting for the parents in Reception to meet with her when she joins us in November.

Book Fair

We have a Book Fair coming into school next week. It will be open after school from

Thursday 27th September until Tuesday 2nd October. We will be looking for  parent volunteers to help run it after school and there will be leaflets coming home to remind you when it is on and to give you some examples of the type of books that will be on sale. This will be a wonderful opportunity to buy some early Christmas presents.

Remember! – the more you buy, the more money that will be awarded to the school to buy books for our own library which means that all the children benefit. You have all been so generous in the past and I hope you will be able to show the same generosity again.


The PTA AGM is due to take place on Wednesday 3rd October. This year it will be at 2.30pm, allowing parents and carers to come to the meeting immediately before pick-up. All parents are welcome so please try and attend. You are not committing yourself to any event or function by attending the meeting but it is an opportunity to put forward any suggestions for fundraising events or ideas for how the money raised is spent. I look forward to seeing as many of you who can attend there.

Yours sincerely
K A Custis