Election of a Parent Governor

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  • 24th September 2017

There is one vacancy for parent governor on Little Heath Primary School’s governing body.

Parent governors are elected by the parents of pupils at the school. Parent governors share equally with other members of the governing body the responsibility for carrying out the governing body’s legal responsibilities. The position of school governors has always been an important one that is vital to the effective running of the school. Further information about the role of the Governing Body and the role of governors is attached to this newsletter.

If you would like to stand for election please complete and return the attached nomination form to the school office by 3 pm on Friday 6 th October 2017.

You will need to ask another parent of a pupil at the school to sign the form.

Please be aware that regulations require everyone elected or appointed to a governing body to undergo a pre-appointment check which may include a criminal background check. This is to ensure the safety of the pupils. If you are elected and you subsequently decline to undergo such a check, you will disqualify yourself.

Please give brief details about yourself (not more than 80 words) on the form. If a vote is needed these details will be copied and sent to all parents with the ballot papers. Please note that the 80 word limit will be strictly enforced. Any statement with more than 80 words will be returned to the candidate for amendment.

If the number of nominations is the same as the number of vacancies, then the person nominated will be deemed elected unopposed. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies, then a vote will be held. If there are no nominations, the governing body has the duty to appoint a parent governor to fill the vacancy.

The governing body has determined that the term of office for a parent governor is four years. If you are elected you may serve the full term of office even if your child leaves the school before your term of office finishes. If a vote is necessary we will send you a ballot paper on Friday 13th October 2017. Only parents of children registered at the school are entitled to stand or vote in the election. A parent who is paid to work at the school for more than 500 hours in a school year or is an elected member of the LA may not stand for election. Each parent will be sent one ballot paper regardless of how many children they have at the school, and each parent will have one vote per vacancy. The ballot will be secret and you will be notified of the result as soon as possible afterwards.

In most cases it will be obvious whether you are a parent. For the purpose of the election of a parent governor, a parent is:

  • someone who has parental responsibility*
  • someone who looks after the child on a day-to- day basis (but does not have “parental responsibility”).
    *You have “parental responsibility” if
  • you are the child’s natural mother
  • you are the child’s natural father and
  • you were married to the mother on the day of the child’s birth
  • or a court of law has given you parental responsibility
  • or the mother has formally agreed to share parental responsibility with you
  •  or the child lives with you as the result of a court order.

If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to stand or vote in the election or about anything else in this letter, please contact me.

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Parent governor nomination form.doc

Yours sincerely
Mrs Kim Custis