Annual School Plan

The annual plan sets out in greater detail the main foci for the coming year.
These plans are liable to change to respond to issues as they arise during the year.
The Annual Plan includes action plans for the priority areas, including approximate costs.  Staff and Governors will be involved in monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the plans over the course of the year.
Professional development opportunities and staff training will be targeted towards SIP priorities.

Objective 1

Objectives Leader Success criteria Actions Timescale Costs
Teaching and support enable disadvantaged pupils and those who have SEN and/or disabilities to catch up and make consistently good progress. SENCO A higher percentage of these children will be making accelerated progress compared to 2017/2018 data so that the gap narrows between them and non-disadvantaged/SEND children To organise a visit from PP consultant to produce an action plan to achieve this target. Summer 2018 £350
To implement action plan from September 2018.
To give staff CPD on how to support disadvantaged children through quality first teaching From September 2018 to Summer 2019
For SENCO to monitor the work of disadvantaged children half termly to ensure that the work set by teacher is allowing them to make progress. From Autumn 2018
To focus on the achievement of disadvantaged/SEND children during pupil progress meetings. From December 2018
To ensure interventions are assessed regularly and adapted if they are not making an impact on the learning of the children From September 2018

Objective 2

Objectives Leader Success criteria Actions Timescale Costs
Teaching consistently builds pupils’ skills and knowledge so that they achieve well across the curriculum. Head and subject leaders The quality of the work in the wider curriculum matches the quality of the work produced in the core subjects.

There is more structure and guidance for teachers to support the quality of the work of the children

Insight Tracker will be used to measure and evaluate pupil progress in the foundation subjects.

To produce more detailed schemes of work for:
• Science
• History
• Geography
• D&T
• Art
From June 2018 to September 2018
Add PE skills to Insight Tracker By July 2018
Senior leaders to provide support so that teacher’s focus is sharpened. Time spent monitoring to be focused on moderating assessments against pupils’ work in books against assessment on Insight Tracker (so that accuracy is known) To begin September 2018
Time to be built in for leaders to monitor the quality of teaching in their subjects. To begin September 2018
Ensure that leaders robustly follow through all findings from monitoring to achieve subsequent improvements and impact. To begin September 2018
Subject leaders to present to governors and staff a review of their subject and how it is taught in school and what the next steps are. To begin May 2018

Objective 3

Objectives Leader Success criteria Actions Timescale Costs
Improvements in teaching in mathematics result in pupils making consistently strong progress Maths leader Children match at least national expeChildren match at least national expectations for progress in maths.

There is an increase in the number of children reaching ARE in all key stages.

100% of all maths teaching is at least good to ensure that children can make at least expected progress.

Analysis of maths data at the beginning of academic year to see where most focus is required

Ensure that the progress of all disadvantaged pupils is at least in line with national other pupils
ctations for progress in maths.

The school to take part in the HfL project ‘Improving Progress in Mathematics’ this will include one day’s training for the head and the maths coordinator followed up by four half-day consultancy visits to the school across the year by the advisor. September 2018 to July 2019 £1,000
To continue to use the Essential Maths materials from PA+ Ongoing
During monitoring continue to focus on mathematical reasoning and explanation in the pupils’ books. Ongoing
To focus on maths progress in pupil progress meetings From December 2018

Objective 4

Objectives Leader Success criteria Actions Timescale Costs
To build parental confidence in school leadership and school/home communication SLT and
A higher percentage of parents will think that the school is well led in the next survey on ‘Parent View’. To change the format of the newsletter so that it presents information to parents more effectively. Summer 2018
To improve general communication through the introduction of a school app. Dec-18
For the governing body to make themselves more accessible to parents through termly breakfast meetings. Jul-18
To publish the school improvement plan on the school website. Sep-18
To send a response to parents about the parent survey taken in the summer term 2018. Sep-18